Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Microsoft SQL Server Non-Contained Object Migration Deployment Procedure using Powershell

As a DBA we all face the challenge of migration databases from one servers to another or even the whole servers at some times. The Database Migration process is not always a simple Backup and Restore process so we might need a huge amount of effort if we have to migrate objects which are not included in the native backups for a specified database, these objects are called Non-Contained Objects. 

I have written a detailed article here

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

SQL Server 2016 Express LocalDB

As Microsoft SQL Server 2016 comes with a lot of new and exciting features for SQL Server Database Administrators, the developers do not need to stay away. 
Microsoft SQL Server 2016 comes with the exciting new LocalDB feature.Its light, easy to install and no management required. So, easy to use with limitations as of SQL Express but no management required.
Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Express LocalDB is an execution mode of SQL Server Express targeted to program developers. LocalDB installation copies a minimal set of files necessary to start the SQL Server Database Engine. Once LocalDB is installed, developers initiate a connection by using a special connection string. When connecting, the necessary SQL Server infrastructure is automatically created and started, enabling the application to use the database without complex or time consuming configuration tasks. Developer Tools can provide developers with a SQL Server Database Engine that lets them write and test Transact-SQL code without having to manage a full server instance of SQL Server. An instance of SQL Server Express LocalDB is managed by using theSqlLocalDB.exe utility. SQL Server Express LocalDB should be used in place of the SQL Server Express user instance feature which is deprecated.