Monday, June 11, 2012

Atlantis Schema Inspector - by "Atlantis Interactive"

Another handy tool to compare schema in SQL Server.

SQL Server Schema Comparison and Scripting Tool.

Atlantis Schema Inspector is an incredibly fast, flexible and complete (and free) SQL Server synchronization and SQL Script tool - use it to get your deployments right first time, every time.

Schema Inspector offers an easy and fast way to compare and synchronize schema elements of SQL Server databases whether live, test, snapshots or partial databases. Any changes can be checked speedily and easily without errors. It can save your development team lots of time and help you achieve your project delivery accurately and on time. Schema Inspector works in tandem with our Data Inspector and both combine with our SQL Everywhere to make a uniquely integrated “one stop” solution for all SQL developers and administrators alike.

You can confidently use Schema Inspector and Data Inspector to save hours of development time whether developing new SQL Server databases or migrating old systems over to new. The savings in development time will make a significant contribution to the ensuring your project will deliver solutions to your users on-time and on-budget. SQL Script can be a notoriously difficult way in which to perform SQL Server synchronization - Schema Inspector relieves the difficulties associated with your deployments.

Thanks to Atlantis Interactive UK Ltd.
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