Monday, June 11, 2012

SQL Load Generator by CodePlex

A very handy tool to generate a good load, a must have tool. 

SQL Load Generator is used to run multiple concurrent queries against SQL Server. The user can choose the number of concurrent queries to run, provide different queries, choose SQL or domain accounts, and provide application name settings. SLG was developed using C# 3.5.

Here’s a summary of the features:

Runs multiple queries against SQL Server. You can add as many as you like.
Each query can be either a SQL User or Domain User.
You can specify an Application name for the connection.
You can specify the new of concurrent threads to use for each query.
You can start all queries, stop all queries, remove all queries.
There is logging (you can toggle on and off… it isn’t precisely thread safe, and can cause crashes when there are lots of failures on multiple threads) for failed queries.
You can set all the defaults on a per user basis, and persist them.
Each query has a # of Runs and a # of Fails counter. You can use the ‘Reset Counters’ feature to reset the total counts (not the per query counts).

You can save your settings via the ‘Options’ menu. You can add default items to the different dropdowns, provide default query settings, change the log locations, etc. You can also modify the stock connection string… though keep in mind some of the settings (particularly ‘pooling=false’ will affect the way the application works… namely, the connections to SQL Server won’t be closed). 

Download from the link mentioned below :  

Thanks to Pinal Dev who tweeted this. 

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